Build-Own-Operate Projects in development and delivery

Project Western Australia A

Delivery of 1 MW solar and 500 kW hydrogen electrolysis, hydrogen storage hydrogen refueling station to support 8 new hydrogen fuel cell bus fleet

Project Africa A

Developing 250 MW Utility scale solar, in discussion to progress domestic hydrogen strategy to support country vision

Project Western Australia B

In development: 1,200 MW Wind and 600 MW Solar to support 740 MW electrolysis  to generate 100,000 t/y for export

Project B

Developing 3,000 MW Hydrogen electrolysis powered by new 5,000 WW Wind and 1,600 MW Solar, producing 395,000 t/y hydrogen for export

Project C

In development: 1,300 MW hydrogen electrolysis and with eventual expansion to 10,000 MW, with initial production of 152,000 mt/y hydrogen for export

Project D

Under negotiation.


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